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Accounts for the Hall - year ended 31/12/2019

Audited Income account and Balance sheet for year to 31/12/2019

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AGM Chairman and Treasurer's report 2019

Report of the Chairman and Treasurer from the AGM - March 2019

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Annual Report -year ended 31/12/2019

Annual report for the Hall submitted to the Charity Commission for the year to 31/12/2019

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Answer your questions on Weddings - Frequently Asked Questions

A document which answers many of the questions you may have about the use of the Hall for wedding functions

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Booking Form 1 and Conditions

This booking form must be completed by anyone who wishes to book the Hall for an event. By signing this form you accept the terms and conditions also attached to this document. Please contact the bookings secretary in the first instance. Details on the website.

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Coronavirus update 1 - General Guidance

General Guidance - Community Buildings Info Issue 7 - October 2020

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Coronavirus update 1A - update to General information

Village Halls Re – opening Information Sheet Issue 2 – 4th July 2020

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Coronavirus update 2 - Hall Risk Assessment

This is the risk assessment carried out in August 2020 by the Hall re Coronovirus epidemic prior to reopening in September 2020

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Coronavirus update 3 - Appendix G Risk Assessment for Hirers

Sample COVID-19 Risk Assessment for hirers of Village and Community Halls

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Coronavirus update 4 - Poster

This poster relating to COVID-19 issues is displayed in the entrance Hall

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Coronavirus update 5 - Special Hiring conditions

These are additional hiring conditions introduced in September 2020 and updated in October 2020 for Covid-19 compliance and safety

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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

This document sets out how the Hall deals with personal information that it retains

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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment Feb 2017

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety Jan 2017

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Insurance Certificate to 31/12/2020

Insurance Certificate for year to 31/12/2020 from Zurich Insurance

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Internal Rejuvenation project

The internal rejuvenation this summer is now complete and attached is the press release reporting the work carried out and the contractors involved.

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Lettings Policy

Lettings Policy Feb 2017

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Maintenance work pointing report

Maintenance work - pointing report from Project Manager

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Parking at the side of the Hall obstructs access for residents.

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Rental Rates for the Hall

List of rental rates for the Hall from January 2020

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Jan 2017

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Trust Deed and Constitution

Trust Deed and constitution for Willaston Hall as amended and agreed by the Charity Commission - October 2018

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List of Trustees as at February 2020

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Volunteers required

volunteers required for small jobs around the Hall

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