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Accounts 31.12.2016

Hall accounts for the year ended 31 December 2016

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Answer your questions on Weddings - Frequently Asked Questions

A document which answers many of the questions you may have about the use of the Hall for wedding functions

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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment Feb 2017

View: fire-risk-assessment-willaston-memorial-hall-feb-2017.pdf (365,763 kB)

From the Chair 2017

Annual report

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety Jan 2017

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Internal Rejuvenation project

The internal rejuvenation this summer is now complete and attached is the press release reporting the work carried out and the contractors involved.

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Lettings Policy

Lettings Policy Feb 2017

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List of Trustees

List of Elected and Representative Trustees as at December 2017

View: committee-of-trustees-website-updated-dec-2017.docx (382,080 kB)

Maintenance work pointing report

Maintenance work - pointing report from Project Manager

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Parking at the side of the Hall obstructs access for residents.

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Rental Rates December 2017

A schedule which shows the hourly rental rates for the hire of the main Hall and the Committee room, updated as at December 2017

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Jan 2017

View: risk-assessment-willaston-memorial-hall-jan-2017.pdf (134,725 kB)

Trust Deed 1-4

Trust Deed Pages 1-4 of 7

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Trust Deed 5-7

Pages 5-7 of 7

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Volunteers for small jobs

Volunteers for small jobs requested

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